A Day in the Life of Mister O
project name

A Day in the Life of Mister O

Please watch “A Day in the Life of Mister O.” and please spread the word.

  • Client:

    Various Non Profits like Greenpeace, Surfrider Foundation and many more

  • Role:

    Director, Camera, Production

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“A Day In The Life Of Mister O.” is a narrative about the ocean. The ocean itself is an abstract representation portrayed through a human, who pursues and executes his daily business, just like us. The film exhibits the environmental problems we face today in a society that is increasingly consuming more and more.

I started this film and campaign during my final thesis. This was a NO BUDGET project! All the cost and time is my own. From buying and developing filmstock, building the props, geting the location, building the set, writing the script, and hiring the actors. I had a lot of people helping me out with that and without them this wouldn’t be possible. I appreciate all of your helping hands and you earn my full respect for all your work!

Screen title and introduction to Mister O

Some info graphics about the plastic consumption per capita world wide

Mister O feeding the P.O.P industry machine

Small description and info graphic what persistent organic pollutants are

And of course the other toxic stuff out there

Mister O is exploring the taste of hormone-driven medication

Reading the Ocean chronicle he is getting the blues about chemicals and drugs flushing into the sea

Mister O reading the newspaper while sitting in the restroom

Some facts about how much pesticide and fertiliser are flushed into ocean per second

Some info graphics where you can find persistent organic pollutants

Mister O is dealing with the crazy demand on fish

Mister O is dealing with the crazy demand on fish

Even the smallest things can have a big effect

Mister O maybe got the solution in his hands

The solution is not a big thing